Richard II 101

Buckle your seatbelts and get your knowledge holes ready, because this week we dive deeeeeep into Richard II (you know, the *other* famous Richard). We also take a quick detour into Spanish translations to learn how to say a very *particular* phrase...the Rhetorical Device of the Week is anadiplosis (and anadiplosis is the device this week #anadiplosis); the Burbage Break is all about the re-gender vs. cross-gender casting debate; Jess Fails (royally) At Shakespeare; we review the nebulous Plantagenet family tree for you and talk about the Essex Rebellion (for which Richard II may or may not have been used as an allegory); we drop some hot ShakesBubble Gossip and reveal the results of last week's #DickBracket matchup. If your knowledge hole was empty, it certainly is stuffed now....#huuuuuhhhh #suckonTHAT

Here are some links to the stuff we talked about today:

Essex Rebellion

That article about Illyria by Ezra Tozien