“a disturbance, hoo-ha, kerfuffle, a real to-do, the kind that wouldn’t be welcome in a library.”
— vocabulary.com



Descriptions of Extras and Outtakes:

  • Extra 10: Receive the Pie. 
    • This outtake, from our lengthy conversation with Catie Osborn, begins as a digression into how Titus Andronicus factored into Catie's MFA thesis research and ends with the creation of a new euphemism.
  • Extra 009: The Cat Circus. 
    • Sometimes our beloved furry friends upstage us and/or generally cause havoc during a recording session. This outtake from Episode 13 is one such occasion. Pure silliness.
  • Extra 008: Catie Does Titus ('s Performance History). 
    • Because we *literally* couldn't get her to stop talking, we let our guest, Catie Osborn, take us through a brief summary of Titus Andronicus production history. We learn that Titus, though very popular during Shakespeare's time, fell from grace less than a century later. Catie tells us why, and recommends some 20th and 21st century adaptations to watch (and which ones to absolutely AVOID) if you want to explore Titus for yourself.
  • Extra 007: Italics Rabbit Hole. 
    • In which Jess and Aubrey comb through every edition of A Midsummer Night's Dream they can get their hands on to find out which ones use italics and when. Why? Because that's how we roll. #WordNerds4Life
  • Extra 006: Shakey's Sperm. 
    • In which we go off on a tangent about the possibility of being impregnated with Will Shakespeare's frozen sperm. Also, where's his head?
  • Extra 005: BFC17 Katie Little.
    • Our conversation about Katie Little's BFC17 presentation about French and the first Henriad.
  • Extra 004: BFC17 Et Cetera.
    • In which we discuss an alternative take on what "etc" represented in early modern texts; another paper from BFC17 that didn't make the final cut.
  • Extra 003: BFC17 Container Globe.
    •  A brief shout out to the Container Globe project and Angus Vail; yet another conversation that didn't make it into the final cut of our BFC17 Episode.
  • Extra 002: BFC17 Dympna Callaghan.
    •  Our dicsussion of Dympna Callahan's keynote speech that didn't make it into the final cut of our BFC17 Episode.
  • Extra 001: OSF Macbeth.
    •  Our conversation about the Oregon Shakespeare Festival's production of Macbeth (circa 2003?) featuring the inimitable G. Valmont Thomas as the title character. RIP, G. Val.

Extras and Outtakes

by Whamlet

We value our listeners' time (and our own), and sometimes that means making executive decisions about which parts of our conversations make it into the final cut of our regular podcast. Here on this page you can find clips of Hurly Burly episodes that originally ended up "on the cutting room floor." If you just can't get enough Whamlet, this is the page to slake your thirst. (#Huuuuuuuuhhhhh)