Cymbeline 101

We could not have asked for a better guest host, Mya L. Gosling, creator of "Good Tickle Brain" (aka your favorite stick figure Shakespeare webcomic) to help us unpack Cymbeline, the most complicated and ridiculous of Shakespeare's romance plays. The Rhetorical Device of the Week is epistrophe (and Jess finally gets to tell her dirty joke about it); the Burbage Break is all about the Deus ex Machina plot device; we actually manage to sumamrize the play in under 5 minutes (mostly because Mya is the Queen of Summarizing Everything); we revive Choices Were Made as our game in order to talk about Mya's trauma after watching the Ethan Hawke movie version of Cymbeline; we gossip a little bit, and discuss the ongoing #DickBracket. All this and soooooooo much more. Thanks again to Mya L. Gosling @GoodTickleBrain ( for your input this week!