Macbeth 201

In our third 201-level episode, we discover how ploce is used throughout the text of Macbeth to haunting effect. Jess doubles down on how there is no F-ing curse, ok?! She then elaborates on Thomas (T-Mids) MIddleton's contribution to the witch scenes and songs in the middle of the play. Aubrey breaks down exactly why the Porter's jokes are not at all funny anymore (and also just sorta breaks down in general). We also list the many, many, MANY productions of Macbeth coming your way* (including one opera!) in our ShakesBubble Gossip section.

*Productions Listed Below:

  1. The National Theatre in London, starting Feb 26, details here

  2. Sacramento Theatre Company, Feb 21, details here  

  3. RSC! Starting March 13, details here 

  4. Chicago Shakes, starting April 25, details here

  5. MACBETH OPERA!! Royal Opera in London!! Starting March 25, details here

  6. More productions in the UK here

  7. More productions in the US/Canada here