Henry V 101

The question on everyone's mind (no doubt) is: can Whamlet make it through the entire episode without snickering about balls? Answer: a *resounding* NO. But in our 19th episode covering Henry V, balls are way more relevant than you might imagine. The Rhetorical Device of the Week is paronomasia (aka the PUN); the Burbage Break is all about one of Henry V's source texts; the Chorus is a hot topic in our Tips & Tidbits; Aubrey uses our game of the week, Feelings Corner, to let you in on some family lore; and our ShakesBubble Gossip debunks the "new source" for Shakespeare's plays everyone is screaming about this week. Oh, and more balls. So many balls. #TudorBalls #tooterballs #huuuuuuhhhhhh