Twelfth Night 101

We jump into our tenth episode with an exploration of a beloved twin comedy, Twelfth Night. The Rhetorical Device of the Week is ploce; the Burbage Break is all about the clowns of the King's Men, Will Kempe and Robert Armin, and how Shakespeare wrote clown characters for their specific strengths. In our summary of the play we learn just how much homoerotic anxiety happens when you combine a twin trope with a pants-role, and Aubrey rants about a particularly annoying production choice in our game of the week, Feelings Corner. Jess has a really important announcement for our Shakes-Bubble Gossip, and we also show some love for our friends at Motley Shakes. We also  take a brief-but-interesting left turn into the weird, whimsical world of Thomas Heywood.