Taming of the Shrew 101

There is no taming this episode because this week we're talking Taming of the Shrew and all of its problems and glories (and adaptations!). The Rhetorical Device of the Week is anthimeria (pronunciation debatable); the Burbage Break is all about the "problem play" genre and why Shrew might fall into that category. Aubrey and Jess reveal their issues with the text and what it is about this particular story that makes it both compelling for modern audiences and utterly frustrating. Our game this week is Choices Were Made, the Film Adaptation Edition, which basically serves as an excuse to talk about everyone's favorite 90s rom-com, "10 Things I Hate About You."  And as if this episode weren't bonkers enough, Jess and Aubrey get into a heated argument about whether the character Mandella (*not* Myrcella) is delusional or just over-enthusiastic in her love of Shakespeare. The ShakesBubble Gossip features a throwback to the Blackfriars Conference and Patrick Aaron Harris's paper about the use of rings in The Merchant of Venice. #tomahawksofenthusiasm #castanetsofagreement