All's Well That Ends Well 201

Aubrey’s feelings are back for a second round with her favorite play, All’s Well That Ends Well (and Jess is just along for the ride). We revisit the rhetorical implications of Bertram’s use of hyperbaton (aka “Yoda-speak”), as well as the concept of bed tricks, and talk about some first day of school pointers we wish we had known in our How To Grad School segment. We also closely examine Bertram and his many foibles as, perhaps, the dramatic hinge of the entire play, as well as the dramatic stakes at play in Act 2, scene 5, when Helen literally begs Bertram to kiss her. To kiss or not to kiss? Find out in this episode!

Here are the theaters producing All’s Well in the next year:

Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Ashland, May 30–October 13, 2019

ASC Theatre Camp