Two Noble Kinsmen 101

Dramaturg, actor, and writer, Linnea Barklund, joins us this week to help us distinguish one Noble Kinsman from the other, among other things. The Rhetorical Device of the Week is polysyndeton (aka the dinosaur that poops conjunctions); Linnea's Burbage Break is all about the interchangeability of men in TNK; Linnea teases out some of the more complicated themes that run through the play and gives us a sneak peak into the Bards Ablaze Theatre Collective's upcoming production of it; we play a little Line Roulette, issue a *very important* budgie-smuggler-related correction; spill some hot ShakesBubble Gossip and reveal the next #DickBracket match up. Thanks again, Linnea, for joining us to talk about Two Noble Kinsmen!