Jew of Malta 101

This week we're talking about one of Christopher Marlowe's earliest hits, The Jew of Malta! When we introduce one of Shakespeare's contemporaries we forego the Burbage Break in favor of "Meet the Contemporary" and give you a little biographical and canonical information about the featured playwright. The Rhetorical Device of the Week is meiosis (yes, that's also a vocab word from your biology class); we summarize the story of Barrabas, the Jew of Malta, for you in less than five minutes; in our Tips and Tidbits we try to tackle some of the issues around staging such a blatantly anti-semitic play in our own time (spoiler: we don't have an answer); we invent a brand new game for your listening pleasure; and our #DickBracket match-ups this week are Barrabas vs. Leontes (Winter's Tale) and King Lear's Edmund vs. Don John from Much Ado. Tune in to hear who advanced from last week!

Here are the playhouse playboys and their luscious locks we mention on this week's episode (all images pulled from the National Portrait Gallery of London). Take a gander for yourself: