Merchant of Venice 101

We don't like The Merchant of Venice very much, which is why we invited Super Special Guest Host Patrick Aaron Harris on the pod this week to help us out for our Merchant 101 episode. The Rhetorical Device of the Week is epizeuxis (aka Jess's favorite device); the Burbage Break, curated this week by Master Master Harris, is about the many different kinds of Shakespeare adaptations; in our Tips & Tidbits feature Patrick delineates the textual confusion about "the Sallies" and has some recommendations for how to treat this play more like a romantic comedy and less like an anti-semitic tragi-comedy (pro tip: it all boils down to the RINGS). We play a round of Line Roulette with Patrick as our game of the week, and we have LOTS to say about SAA's #ShakeAss controversy in our ShakesBubble Gossip. Thank you again and again to our guest host, Patrick Aaron Harris!!