Episode 28: Spanish Tragedy 101

In our very first non-Shakespeare episode featuring Thomas Kyd's The Spanish Tragedy, we break a few traditions and create some new ones. Our Rhetorical Device of the Week is aposiopesis; we introduce a new feature for non-Shakes episodes called "Meet the Contemporary" in which we tell you whatever facts are available about the playwright; we also introduce a new game, purely inspired by the not-so-friendly, Mean-Girls-esuqe rivalry between Thomas Kyd and Christopher Marlowe; and our ShakesBubble Gossip features a review of OSF's production of Henry V and Cheek By Jowl's french-speaking production of Pericles. What a way to end Season One! See you in August, wordnerds!

Some articles and resources we mentioned in today's episode:

  1. http://www.dispositio.net/archives/1667

  2. https://blog.oup.com/2013/08/shakespeares-additional-passage-kyd-spanish-tragedy/

  3. http://www.cheekbyjowl.com/livestream.php