Romeo and Juliet 201

secretary hand

Episode 16: Romeo & Juliet 201

In our second 201 episode, we go "narrow and deep" into topics related to Romeo and Juliet. We revisit the rhetorical device of pleonasm and how the Nurse uses it for comedic effect; from Jess's corner we learn a little production history, a little print history (an example of secretary hand shown on the left), and a little poison history; Aubrey's corner (or rather her soapbox) is mostly in defense of Juliet's equivocation habit and why we should not underestimate her or her "lady brain;" and, finally, in our ShakesBubble gossip we give you a quick and dirty run down of all the R&J productions* coming to theatres near you!


Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Seattle Shakespeare


CB Productions

SF Shakes

St. Louis Shakespeare Festival

Shakespeare Tavern

Hartford Stage

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