Tempest 101

The sixth play in our 101 series focuses on The Tempest, aka Shakespeare's thinly-veiled retirement announcement. The Rhetorical Device of the Week is chiasmus; the Burbage Break issues a correction as well as advice on how to choose a Shakespeare text that best suits your needs. This episode is also the closest we've ever come to meeting our own, arbitrary, 5-minute summary limit. We discuss the uniqueness of The Tempest as a play in the romance genre, as well as that *pesky* issue of colonialism that permeates the story and what we as scholars and artists might do to address it. Finally, even we at Hurly Burly cannot hide from the ongoing revelations of sexual harrassment and misconduct in the workplace: our Shakes-Bubble wrap-up addresses one such incident in our corner of academia and how we might use Shakespeare in the classroom (or the playhouse) to catalyze these difficult and necessary discussions.