Season 2, Episode 18: Troilus & Cressida 101

The incomparable Molly Seremet returns to get us through Jess's least favorite play in the whole canon, Troilus and Cressida. (#Blessed) The Rhetorical Device of the Week is synecdoche; Molly's Burbage Break is all about the metonymic space of tents in this play (#metonymicspaces); we talk about the weirdness and cynicism of this strange, unclassifiable play and some of its print and production history; the ShakesBubble Gossip includes plans for a bachelorette party (#bejealous); and our #DickBracket reveals the winner of the last match up between Pericles's Antiochus and Revenger's Duke. Oh, and Aubrey mouths all the sound effects this week and everyone learns the names of our future sex tapes. For reasons. You just have to listen. #yourewelcome

Season 2, Episode 17: Richard II 101

Buckle your seatbelts and get your knowledge holes ready, because this week we dive deeeeeep into Richard II (you know, the *other* famous Richard). We also take a quick detour into Spanish translations to learn how to say a very *particular* phrase...the Rhetorical Device of the Week is anadiplosis (and anadiplosis is the device this week #anadiplosis); the Burbage Break is all about the re-gender vs. cross-gender casting debate; Jess Fails (royally) At Shakespeare; we review the nebulous Plantagenet family tree for you and talk about the Essex Rebellion (for which Richard II may or may not have been used as an allegory); we drop some hot ShakesBubble Gossip and reveal the results of last week's #DickBracket matchup. If your knowledge hole was empty, it certainly is stuffed now....#huuuuuhhhh #suckonTHAT

Here are some links to the stuff we talked about today:

Essex Rebellion

That article about Illyria by Ezra Tozien

Season 2, Episode 16: Cymbeline 101

We could not have asked for a better guest host, Mya L. Gosling, creator of "Good Tickle Brain" (aka your favorite stick figure Shakespeare webcomic) to help us unpack Cymbeline, the most complicated and ridiculous of Shakespeare's romance plays. The Rhetorical Device of the Week is epistrophe (and Jess finally gets to tell her dirty joke about it); the Burbage Break is all about the Deus ex Machina plot device; we actually manage to sumamrize the play in under 5 minutes (mostly because Mya is the Queen of Summarizing Everything); we revive Choices Were Made as our game in order to talk about Mya's trauma after watching the Ethan Hawke movie version of Cymbeline; we gossip a little bit, and discuss the ongoing #DickBracket. All this and soooooooo much more. Thanks again to Mya L. Gosling @GoodTickleBrain ( for your input this week!

Season 2, Episode 15: The Changeling 101

In The Changeling 101, we dive into the collaboration stylings of Middleton and Rowley, the early modern version of Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. We bring back our segment, Meet the Contemporaries, to give you quick and dirty biographies of the two authors; the Rhetorical Devices of the week are onomotopoeia and oxymoron; Jess plays a round of Line Roulette; we tell you about a few current production projects in our Gossip segment; and we let you know who from last week's #DickBracket - Angelo or Othello - will advance to Round 3. We sure hope this episode isn't stolen away by the fairies and swapped out for a cursed one. *fingers crossed*

Season 2, Episode 14: Othello 201

This week we sit down with brilliant guest Dr. Paige Reynolds to talk about a few topics relating to Desdemona and the things that happen to her after she's dead. We also revisit the rhetorical device of paralipsis, brought to you by Iago, the Master of Paraliptic Manipulation. Paige sticks around to weigh in on our new 201 feature, "How To Grad School" to give some advice about publishing, and this week's #DickBracket match up betweek Othello and Angelo. Thanks for joining us, Paige!