Season 2, Episode 23: Antony & Cleopatra 101

There's beggary in the [hate] that can be reckoned, to bastardize a line from Antony and Cleopatra, and Whamlet proves it in this 101 episode. The Rhetorical Device of the Week is polyptoton; the Burbage Break is all about early modern scribe, Ralph Crane; we have FEEEEEEEEELINGS about Antony and Cleopatra (so many that we forego playing a game); Aubrey tells us all about the moving, incredible experience of seeing 'American Moor' starring Keith Hamilton Cobb in DC; and we announce another round of the #DickBracket, now officially in the Elite Eight phase of the countdown. Strap in, babies, this episode's a doozy.

Season 2, Episode 22: Sir Thomas More 101

Educator, director, scholar and costumer, Maria Hart, joins us this week to talk about Sir Thomas More in this 101 episode. Maria spent half a decade writing her thesis about this play, so we could not have asked for a better guest expert to round out our January of Sh*tty Plays. The Rhetorical Device of the week is auxesis; Maria's Burbage Break is all about early modern censorship and how Shakespeare and his contemporaries planned for and wrote around it; we discuss the many different "hands" that co-wrote this play and Maria gives future directors advice on how to cast the title role (*ahem* Jeremy Northam always and forever). All that and a bit of hot gossip and #DickBracket results, besides. Thanks, Maria!

Season 2, Episode 21: Timon of Athens 101

Best-Dressed Special Guest Patrick Aaron Harris joins us again this week to talk about Shakespeare's most misanthropic and cynical (and underrated) play, Timon of Athens! The Rhetorical Device of the Week is acyrologia (aka malaprops); Patrick's Burbage Break is all about early modern customs of hospitality and charity; we talk about the likelihood of a Middletonian intervention in this text, and discuss whether or not Timon needs to get naked before running off to his cave; we've got gossip for *days*; and we reveal the latest results of our #DickBracket. For a play that not too many people like, we sure do have a lot to say (mostly thanks to Patrick).

Season 2, Episode 20: Two Noble Kinsmen 101

Dramaturg, actor, and writer, Linnea Barklund, joins us this week to help us distinguish one Noble Kinsman from the other, among other things. The Rhetorical Device of the Week is polysyndeton (aka the dinosaur that poops conjunctions); Linnea's Burbage Break is all about the interchangeability of men in TNK; Linnea teases out some of the more complicated themes that run through the play and gives us a sneak peak into the Bards Ablaze Theatre Collective's upcoming production of it; we play a little Line Roulette, issue a *very important* budgie-smuggler-related correction; spill some hot ShakesBubble Gossip and reveal the next #DickBracket match up. Thanks again, Linnea, for joining us to talk about Two Noble Kinsmen!

Season 2, Episode 19: Henry VIII 101

We're kicking off the January of Sh*tty Plays with (arguably) the worst of them all, Henry VIII. But fear not, because we've brought on intrepid director, playwright, and all-around good egg, Merlyn Q Sell, to hold our hands and tell us why this play might be worth re-examining. The Rhetorical Device of the Week is isocolon; Merlyn's Burbage Break examines the disparate ways characters refer to the King and the Queens in Henry VIII; we summarize the play for you in record time; we've got some super-exciting gossip and also a new matchup for our ongoing #DickBracket. What's that, Butts? Just a great episode. #YoureWelcome