Merchant of Venice 201

This week we return to The Merchant of Venice to talk about what a total dick Portia is and how you can use some clues from the text to enliven performance. We continue our How To Grad School segment with a little talk about conference etiquette, and give you the low-down on where you can find productions of Merchant near you in the coming year. Also, Jess’s foster cat Becky interrupts recording to squeak at us and it’s super important.

Links to the (very few) Merchant productions and adaptations coming your way in 2019:

Play On! A Festival of 39 Readings from Oregon Shakespeare Festival's Translation Project, Classic Stage Company (CSC), New York, New York, June 9, 2019

Shakespeare at Winedale, Austin, Texas, June 20–23, 2019

Shakespeare Dallas, Dallas, Texas, Summer 2020

Royal Shakespeare Company, England, September 30–October 5, 2019