Midsummer 201

In our first 201 episode, we examine how to interpret alliteration (the Rhetorcal Device of the Week, version 2.0) as a reader and an actor, and we delve into source texts. Then, in a twist *no one* saw coming, what seems like a straightforward review of the Arden 3 edition of Midsummer turns into an all-out interrogation of an editorial emendation of the word "strange" into "swarthe." Chaos and ridiculous nerdiness ensue, and we learn what palaeography and minims are along the way. Once we get back on track, we discuss the debate between scholars regarding Shakespeare's occasion for writing A Midsummer Night's Dream as well as some issues that might help you make the text relevant to a 21st century audience. In our ShakesBubble Gossip, we list a bunch of Midsummer productions* coming your way in early 2018, and briefly allude to a twitter controversy surrounding Othello (don't ask - you'll understand when you get there). 


*ShakesBubble Links here:

Alliance Theatre here

Virginia Opera here

Butler Theatre here

MOVIE! here

Midsummer Productions in the UK (via Touchstone) here

Midsummer ballet (in Europe) here